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this is satan's super awesome profile

hot ass

What is up my loyal fans, haha.  Anyway my name is Rene’, but my stage name is satan because Rene’ was already taken .I normally play Rocky.  I love my small gold shorts, and I love being naked but my being 17 hinders pictures in my profile.  So lets see, im bisexual and very proud of it.  I love theatre, punk rock, creative hip-hop (mostly all the Ruff Ryders), horror movies, my sound system in my car, philosophy, marine life, dancing, singing, love, foreign films, indy films, The Misfits, DMX, and Glenn Danzig who happens to be my personal jesus.  Cars are my favorite things in the world; they make me feel ultimately free.  I saw Rocky for the first time in my tv room and it made me happy and I love dressing in lingerie and wearing crazy stage makeup so the rest was history when I discovered the Transylvanian Electric Company. I want love more then anything, but I seem cursed to go on without it (yay for sarcastic emoness).  Im sure I will find it eventually.  Life is simply a series of moments living in the moment is all you can do.  Don’t dwell in the past or future, “if you have one leg in tommorow and one leg in yesterday you will shit on today”.  -Debbie Nevatni.  I hate TV except for Queer as Folk; it is the only good show on TV.  Anyway, I guess that is all I have to say for now.  See you at the show *wink wink.  Oh yeah my AIM is miurayoshimoto.

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