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You’re probably wondering who is this mysterious stranger wearing a trench coat and riding a Harley.  I’m wondering that as well cause the bastard stole my coat!

Enough about him.  I’m Timber.  I play Eddie and Dr. Scott.  I’m 6’2, 270 lbs., black hair, blue eyes (I usually wear cat eye contacts). My turn ons include someone letting me cook for them, a sense of humor, and big… oops, wrong bio.

Anyway, I read tarot cards and write screenplays when I’m not practicing or performing with the Transylvanian Electric Company *We bring weird things to life*  I also have a production company called Wounded Inner Child Productions.  I’m hosting a horror movie convention Feb 11, 12, 13 called Carnival of Horror at the Quality Hotel on Causeway in Metairie.  I really like *guy on motorcycle goes by* Hey that was him!  I gotta go, nice meeting you, and thanks for reading my bio.  *chases after motorcycle* Hey! Come back with my coat!

Timber as Janet


Timber as Eddie