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The name is Julie Firmin, age 20.

 My first RHPS experience was when I was at Baton Rouge High. The Thespian Club was having its initiation week, during which we had to dress up however the Thespian officers (one of which was Renee) wanted us to. The last day was RHPS day. Of course I had heard of it, but I hadn't seen it until then. A friend said I should be Columbia since at that time I had very short reddish-purple hair. So my mom and I went to Family Thrift to get stuff that could be a potential Columbia costume. As it turned out, I was one of the two winners of best costume on RHPS day.

Since then, I've performed in RHPS at Oak Cinema 8 (now known as Grand Cinema) in Baton Rouge. I was mainly a trainee, just helping out with scene changes and the like, but I played Columbia one weekend too. That was fun.

I'm trying to think of a good memory from those performances that I could share with all of you, but for some reason I keep going back to one instant that was insignificant (although humorous). It was during The Sword of Damocles while Columbia and Magenta are unwrapping Rocky. Some of us trainees were sitting in the audience waiting for the next scene change. As Rocky is spinning and the gauze starts revealing his body, we all realize that Hunter (Rocky) got a rather large wing-like tattoo across his back. We were like, "When did Rocky get wings??"

Jules and Ben

Julie, at a Luau

Julie and Renee

Julie as Columbia

Random things about me: I'm at LSU right now going into Forensic Anthropology. I work at Office Depot, which is making me consider switching my major to business - I like working with people as I do in retail, but as a forensic anthropologist, I will be working with the dead and uptight FBI agents. I have three Fire-belly toads (they're not really toads, but frogs). I have an obsession with frogs; everything in my room and bathroom is froggie. I have a boyfriend, Derrick; we've been dating for a little over two years (actually, we started dating less than a month after I started doing RHPS at Oak Cinema 8). I joke around a lot, almost too much. I think a good way to deal with each other's differences is to make fun of them. Everyone has burdens in their lives, but nobody should be ashamed of them. For instance, I am epileptic. I make fun of myself about that all the time, as do my friends. Hence, all my screen names are Seizsar ("seizure" mixed with "Caesar"....according to the Shakespearian play, Julius Caesar was epileptic too).

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AIM: Seizsar
Yahoo: hailseizsar

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